Oceanographic Tables and Standards (JPOTS)

Chair: J. Gieskes (USA)

Other Full Members: E.L. Lewis (Canada), N.P. Fofonoff (USA), K. Grasshoff (FRG), W. Kroebel (FRG) - IAPSO, G.N. Ivanov-Franzkevich (USSR) - UNESCO, M. Menaché (France) - UNESCO, F. Culkin (UK) - ICES, C.K. Ross (Canada) - ICES, A. Poisson (France) - ICES, Frank Millero (USA) - UNESCO, and O. Mamayev (France) - UNESCO

Terms of Reference

  • To carry out all the necessary preparatory work for publishing new oceanographic tables
  • To advise on the certification of the standard seawater
  • To advise on such further investigations as may be desirable

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, ICES, UNESCO