17 January 2017 - New article on Global Carbon Cycling on a Heterogeneous Seafloor, from SCOR-supported workshop, published in the journal "Trends in Ecology and Evolution":…/ecology…/pdf/S0169-5347(17)30286-0.pdf.

11 January 2017 - The special issue of Frontiers in Marine Science from SCOR WG 139 on Organic Ligands – A Key Control on Trace Metal Biogeochemistry in the Ocean is available for download at

2 January 2017 - SCOR Committee on Capacity Building approves six SCOR Visiting Scholars for 2018: Baban Ingole (India), Cristian A. Vargas Gálvez (Chile), Julia M. Diaz (USA), Manuel António E. Malaquias (Norway), Kedarnath Mahapatra (Japan), and Stuart P. Bishop (USA).

15 December 2017 - Article available on-line on Global Carbon Cycling on a Heterogeneous Seafloor. from SCOR-sponsored meeting.

8 December 2017 - 2018 PAGES-GEOTRACES Workshop on Trace Element and Isotope Proxies in Paleooceanography announced

19 July 2017 - SCOR mentioned in editorial in Nature (see

3 May 2017 - The SCOR-IOC Global Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms (GEOHAB) programme released a special issue:

3 May 2017 - From SCOR WG 150: Optical Sensors Can Shed Light on Particle Dynamics in the Ocean (

27 April 2017 - SCOR, POGO, and IODE side event on capacity building for ocean sciences at UN Ocean Conference on June 9 at 9 am, Conf. Rm. B.

13 April 2017 - Indian Ocean Science Workshop on 11-13 September 2017 in La Jolla, California (see

9 March 2017 - SCOR Newsletter #34 released

14 February 2017 - Applications open for 4th African Discovery Camp for Research-based Training on Biogeochemical Oceanography in Upwelling Ecosystems. Information is available at

24 November 2016 - SCOR-JAMSTEC CRM for Nutrients is now available

8,10 November 2016 - Ed Urban presented a Poster on SCOR-PICES interactions at PICES 25th Anniversary meeting.

9 November 2016 - SCOR WG 142 mentioned in article about BioArgo

1 November 2016 - log of SCOR WG 141 cruise on the R/V Falkor

31 October 2016 - SCOR Newsletter #33 released

12 October 2016 - SCOR WG 143 Intecalibration Cruise


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