SCOR Secretariat

At SCOR's beginning, SCOR’s elected Secretary or President provided the necessary secretariat function. In 1972, a part-time Executive Secretary was appointed at the Royal Society (UK) to assist the elected Secretary. In 1985, as the scope and activities of SCOR had grown substantially, the Executive Secretary became a full-time employee; the title was changed to Executive Director in 1990. The Secretariat moved over the years from the Royal Society (UK) to Dalhousie University (Canada) in 1980, to Johns Hopkins University (USA) in 1992, and to the University of Delaware (USA) in 2007.

Years Executive Secretary/Director Secretariat Location
1972-1980 George E. Hemmen Royal Society (UK)
1980-1992 Elizabeth Tidmarsh Dalhousie University (Canada)
1992-2000 Elizabeth (Tidmarsh) Gross Johns Hopkins University (USA)
2000-2007 Edward R. Urban Jr. Johns Hopkins University (USA)
2007-present Edward R. Urban Jr. University of Delaware (USA)






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