2010 Calendar of SCOR Events

20-21 February SCOR/WCRP/IAPSO WG 136 on Climatic Importance of the Greater Agulhas System Portland, Oregon, USA
21 February WG 131 on The Legacy of in situ Iron Enrichment: Data Compilation and Modeling Portland, Oregon, USA
8-10 March Final GEOTRACES Intercalibration Workshop Norfolk, Virginia, USA
2 April SCOR/IODE/MBLWHOI Library Meeting on Data Publication Paris, France
12-14 April SCOR/IAPSO OceanScope Working Group London, UK
26-28 April SOLAS Scientific Steering Committee Hamburg, Germany
5-7 May IMBER Scientific Steering Committee Washington, D.C., USA
26-27 May SCOR WG 130 on  Automatic Plankton Visual Identification Villefrache-sur-Mer, France
21-23 June GEOHAB Open Science Conference on Benthic Harmful Algal Blooms Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
24-27 June GEOHAB Training Workshop on Taxonomy challenges and identification of benthic dinoflagellates Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
26-28 June GEOHAB Scientific Steering Committee Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
16-18 August Summit on Capacity Building for Ocean Research Bremen, Germany
24-26 August IOCCG/GEOHAB Harmful Algal Bloom and Ocean Colour Working Group Hermanus, South Africa
13-16 September SCOR General Meeting Toulouse, France
22-24 September GEOTRACES SSC Toulouse, France
10-14 October IMBER Imbizo-II Crete, Greece
18-22 October WG 137 on Patterns of Phytoplankton Dynamics in Coastal Ecosystems: Comparative Analysis of Time Series Observation Hangzhou, China
25-29 October SCOR/LOICZ WG 132 on Land-based Nutrient Pollution and the Relationship to Harmful Algal Blooms in Coastal Marine Systems Crete, Greece
2-3 December Planning Committee for Third Symposium on The Ocean in a High-CO2 World Monterey, California, USA



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