2009 Calendar of SCOR Events

25-27 March SOLAS SSC Washington, D.C., USA
30 March-1 April Third SCOR Project Summit Newark, Delaware, USA
2-3 April GEOTRACES Subcommittee on Standards and Intercalibration Norfolk, Virginia, USA
13-15 May WG 130 on  Automatic Plankton Visual Identification Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
14-16 May WG 126 on The Role of Viruses in Marine Ecosystems Newark, Delaware, USA
2-5 June IMBER Scientific Steering Committee Paris, France
11-13 June GEOHAB Scientific Steering Committee Galway, Ireland
15-19 June GEOHAB Modeling Workshop Galway, Ireland
22-26 June GLOBEC 3rd Open Science Meeting Victoria, B.C., Canada
17-19 July SCOR/IAPSO WG 133 - OceanScope Montreal, Quebec, Canada
20-23 July SCOR/IAPSO WG 129 on Deep Ocean Exchanges with the Shelf Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2-5 September SCOR/IAPSO WG 127 on Thermodynamics and Equation of State of Seawater Arnhem, The Netherlands
16-18 September Workshop on Ocean Biology Observatories Mestre, Italy
26 September SCAR/SCOR Expert Group on Oceanography Venice, Italy
13-16 October SCOR/LOICZ WG 132 on Land-based Nutrient Pollution and the Relationship to Harmful Algal Blooms in Coastal Marine Systems Beijing, China
17-21 October Second GEOHAB Open Science Meeting on HABs and Eutrophication Beijing, China
20-22 October SCOR Executive Committee Meeting Beijing, China
27-30 October WG 134 on The Microbial Carbon Pump in the Ocean Xiamen, China
4-6 November GEOTRACES Scientific Steering Committee Washington, D.C., USA
7 November GEOTRACES Data Management Committee Washington, D.C., USA
11-13 November GLOBEC Scientific Steering Committee Plymouth, UK
16-19 November SOLAS Open Science Meeting Barcelona, Spain
23-24 November SCOR/InterRidge WG 135 on Hydrothermal Energy Transfer and its Impact on the Ocean Carbon Cycles Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
7-10 December Second GEOTRACES Data-Model Synergy Workshop Paris, France



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