2008 Calendar of SCOR Events

9-12 April GEOHAB SSC Meeting Annapolis, Maryland, USA
May WG 125 on Global Comparisons of Zooplankton Time Series Gijón, Spain
5-6 May GLOBEC SSC, IMBER SSC, and SOLAS SSC meetings Cape Town, South Africa
6-9 May WG 130  on Automatic Plankton Visual Identification São Paolo, Brazil
17-19 June SCOR/IODE Workshop on Data Publishing Oostende, Belgium
28-31 July WG 132 on Land-based Nutrient Pollution and the Relationship to Harmful Algal Blooms in Coastal Marine Systems Geesthacht, Germany
7-13 September WG 127 on Thermodynamics and Equation of State of Seawater Berlin, Germany
6-8 October Second Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World Monte Carlo, Monaco
6-8 October SCOR/IAPSO WG 129 Workshop on Deep Ocean Exchanges with the Shelf Cape Town, South Africa
20-21 October SCOR 50th Anniversary Symposium Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
22-24 October SCOR General Meeting Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
6-11 November GEOTRACES SSC and Data Management Committee Toyama, Japan
10-13 November IMBER Imbizo Miami, Florida, USA
11-13 December SCOR Panel on New Technologies for Observing Marine Life Newark, Delaware, USA



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