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World Weather Watch

Description The World Weather Watch (WWW), the core of the WMO Programmes, combines observing systems, telecommunication facilities, and data-processing and forecasting centres - operated by Members - to make available meteorological and related geophysical information needed to provide efficient services in all countries.  Core components of the WWW include the GOS, the Global Telecommunication System, and the Global Data-Processing and Forecasting System.
Main Website http://www.wmo.ch/pages/prog/www/index_en.html
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Principal Contact Mr. Jeremiah Lengoasa, Assistant Secretary General - JLengoasa at wmo.int - Responsible for the Education & Training Department
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NOTE:  In this catalog we include 3 relevant levels of the WMO (WMO itself, WWW and GOS) due to the wealth of resources provided in each.  We acknowledge some overlap.