Second SCOR Summit of International Marine Research Projects

Action Items

Time Series

ACTION:  Projects to interact with OceanSITES directly in relation to their measurements of interest and their needs for time-series measurements.

UPDATE:  List of OceanSITES sites, with location information, parameters measured, and contacts, transmitted to meeting participants.


ACTION: Summerhayes, German, and Heywood to put together a recommendation on this topic.

UPDATE:  Letter prepared, presented at meeting, and included in meeting report.  Letter sent to IGFA representatives, with copies to national SCOR and SCAR representatives.

Capacity Building

ACTION:  The projects and their IPOs should feed information into and interact with the new SCOR Committee on Capacity Building.

UPDATE:  No information received by Committee on Capacity Building yet.  Jing Zhang, as chair of the IMBER Capacity Building Task Team, serves as an ex-officio member to represent IMBER and other projects.  Other projects can also nominate ex-officio members to the SCOR committee.

ACTION:  Murray Brown will develop a Web-based catalog of ocean capacity-building activities.

UPDATE:  Pages have been developed by Brown and were sent to individual projects and organizations for review. The catalog can be found at


ACTION:  Revise letter and send draft to participants.

UPDATE:  A discussion took place after the meeting among Ed Harrison, Ed Urban, Erik Lindstrom, and Jean-Louis Fellous. No agreement was reached on what to include in the letter, so it was not completed.  The satellite issue was included in the EOS article and the supplement to it.    GEOTRACES letter on satellites posted on meeting Web site.  Other projects and organizations are welcome to send their own letters to SCOR regarding the importance of satellites to their projects.

ACTION: Participants to send addresses of national space agency and other contacts to receive the satellite letter.


UPDATE:  Participants should forward the addresses to the SCOR Secretariat. No projects ever did this.

Project Web sites

ACTION:  Repeat Web site review in two to three years.

UPDATE:  This action will be pursued in relation to the next Project Summit.  We did not review the Web sites again for the 2009 meeting because the funding was not sufficient to undertake this task


ACTION: SCOR to send letter to other organizations regarding their interest in participating on a Panel to make recommendations about the issue of DOIs.

UPDATE: Awaiting description of panel to send to other organizations that might be interested.  Issue raised in EOS article.

ACTION:  SCOR to form a Panel on DOIs, based on recommendation from Werner et al.

UPDATE: A panel was not formed, but a workshop was pulled together based on recommendations from Cisco Werner, Roy Lowry, and others.  The workshop was co-funded by SCOR and IODE and the workshop report can be found here.

ACTION:  Determine what other organizations are doing related to DOIs.

UPDATE:  Preliminary contact has been made with several organizations and information is being compiled by Ed Urban.

ACTION:  Ed Harrison and Murray Brown to speak with Cornillion and Hanken about OpenDAP and report back to Urban on their response.

UPDATE: Task never completed.


ACTION:  A recommendation to IPOs should be developed by Cattle and Barange.

UPDATE:  Task never completed.



ACTION: Circulate a participant contact list after the meeting

UPDATE: Completed.


ACTION: Submit article to EOS about meeting.

UPDATE: Urban, E.R. Jr.  2007.  International Ocean Research: Common Opportunities and Challenges. EOS: Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 88(25): 19 June 2007.