Papers of Robert G. Snider from the International Indian Ocean Expedition



1960 was a busy year for Robert G. Snider. He made his first trip to the Indian Ocean region in February and March (31 January to 25 March), as well as visits to countries outside the region who were likely participants in the IIOE. Snider's itinerary was as follows:

  • Japan (3-6 February)
  • Singapore (7-8 February)
  • Indonesia (9-10 February)
  • Ceylon (Sri Lanka) (12-16 February)
  • India (16-22 February and 25 February-2 March)
  • Pakistan (22-24 February)
  • USSR (2-6 March)
  • West Germany (7-8 March)
  • United Kingdom (8-16 March)
  • The Netherlands (16-17 March)
  • Switzerland (17 March)
  • Portugal (17-19 March)
  • France (19-25 March)

The trip notes presented here were obtained from the archives of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

For each country visited, Snider made a detailed list of individuals with whom he visited: List of Contacts Made During January-March trip. In each country visited in the region, Snider had a standard procedure.  He had pre-arranged to meet with heads of the relevant government agencies, national SCOR committees, the U.S. Embassy in the country, and representatives of national and international charitable foundations. He made sure that all his key contacts had a copy of the Prospectus for the IIOE.  Snider emphasized a basic set of requests.  He asked that the country set up new tide and wave gauges.


Snider revisited Southeast Asia and South Asia in early 1961.  He arrived in Sydney, Australia on 29 January.  This trip involved visits to Australia, Indonesia, Malaya, and Ceylon. The trip report may be incomplete...