Intercalibrations and Standardized Methods

A series of intercalibration exercises were conducted to improve the ability to compare the results from different cruises.  The first intercalibrations, on nutrient chemistry and primary production, were held in Hawaii starting on 3 September 1961.  Dr. B.H. Ketchum (Woods Hole) led the nutrient intercalibration exercise and Prof. M.S. Doty (Univ. of Hawaii) led the primary production intercalibration. Other participants are shown on this circular.

Indian Ocean Standard Net:

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Phytoplankton Methods Intercalibrations:

Intercalibration Exercises:

Zooplankton Nets: August 1962 at SCOR-UNESCO Reference Station #1 (32°S, 111°50'E) aboard the Vitiaz.

Plankton Primary Productivity Techniques: 3-7 August 1962 off Fremantle, Western Australia aboard the Vitiaz.

Reports on Standardization and Intercalibration of Oceanographic Techniques and Methods. UNESCO/NS/9/89 J, 31 December 1963